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Marriage was the first relationship instituted by God.  It is foundational to the church and to society. And a good marriage must be invested into.  All couples need to be working on their marriages on a regular basis.  Have regular date nights, WITHOUT the children.  You should also continually be learning by reading good biblical books (check the link below for a list of recommended books), attending any biblical marriage events, or going to week-end marriage get-away conferences.  

The marriage ministry joins the GEMS ministry twice a year for ‘Date Night’.  This coming season join us on Saturday, September 16th, 2015 (5 – 8 pm) at the Cornerstone Gathering.  This is an evening of fellowship, food (dinner) and a speaker.   Saturday, January 17th, 2016 (5 – 8 pm) is another date night to which everyone brings either appetizers or dessert to share.  Fun, Food, Fellowship and Learning!  

Watch for details in the bulletin and on the website.
Resource: Click here for a list of books on marriage (PDF) - VIEW - DOWNLOAD