Church Government

The Church of the Nazarene uses a representational form of government electing a Church Board to represent them in operating the church. We are organized into Districts, ours being the Chicago District to cooperate together with other churches for greater effectiveness and stewardship.


District Assembly is held every year with all churches serving on that district coming together for reporting, fellowship and accountability. Each local church elects people to represent them at this event. Leaders, lay and pastoral, are elected to serve in District leadership positions at this event.


ACCOUNTIBILITY, Annually Pastors of each local church reports on the condition of their church and what has happened in the past year, including statistics and finances. District officials give reports and account for monies spent and what has happened in their areas of ministry as well as tell of upcoming plans and events.


PASTORAL STUDENTS, who are in training, report on their educational progress and their spiritual lives, as well as what they are currently doing in ministry.


COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES, Each District is on an Educational Zone of one of our schools. The Church of the Nazarene values Christian education and each church cooperates to keep this priority in place.