When you join a group at Trinity Church, you aren’t just joining a Bible study or a social club. You’re joining a committed, dynamic group of individuals brought together by a single mission: to grow closer to God and each other as we reach out the people and places closest to us: our neighborhoods.



Sundays at 6:15pm – North Side
Leaders: Dave and Bonnie Workman

A group of people who connect and support each other through prayer, discussion of sermon points, and socializing. We meet twice a month at the church (2nd and 4th Sundays), once a month at a host home (1st), and once a month for dinner out (3rd). Join us on Sundays at 6:15 as we grow together!


Tuesdays at 7pm – East Side
Leaders: Brian and Sally Tuxhorn

If you look at Jesus’ disciples, their lives didn’t always follow an easy path to understanding — questions and doubts sometimes came with it, too! A great place to start is a study in the Gospels, which is a practical guide to living like a disciple of Christ. Join us on Tuesdays at 7pm as we dive into the Gospels together!


Sundays at 6pm
Leaders: Bill and Ann Henricks

Prime Time is a Small Group of Christians searching for answers to questions in the Bible. Each week, we discuss a passage of scripture to find answers together that we’ve perhaps always wondered about. Join us on Sundays at 6pm!


Sundays at 12pm
Leader: Tyler Comfort

Young Adult Small Group is a gathering place for individuals ages 18 to 35 to spend time together! You can expect a weekly gathering for Sunday afternoon lunch, friendship and fellowship, and occasional events. Join us on Sundays at 12 o’clock!


We’re always looking to add to our lineup of groups! We’d love for as many members of our church body and our community to meet together in a time of intentional fellowship and discussion as possible, growing in faith and witnessing to friends and neighbors. If you’re interested in gathering people together for God, we’re interested in fostering that opportunity!