Step 1: Worship & Prayer

Worship & Prayer is the most vital of all the Core Values. It is the foundation by which all the other Core Values rest. Whether it is praise and worship during our Sunday morning worship or the diligent prayers of the people at Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting, Worship and Prayer is something we take very serious. It is our hope and prayer that each person would have a dynamic encounter with God each time they step into our building.

Step 2: Connect

Connect uplifts the importance of worship, prayer, and fellowship in our everyday lives. Connect means to be in relationship with God, other believers, the church, and our family. It reminds us of the priority of building positive, long-lasting relationship with people at work, in the school and community, and at home. As we connect first with God, He makes it possible for us to build meaningful relationships enable us to welcome people who are not yet part of our church who are pre-believers.

Step 3: Grow

Grow means knowing and obeying God’s Word and understanding how it makes a daily difference in our lives. Gaining knowledge is vital, but we need more than information. True discipleship means discovering something fresh and inspiring in a passage we have read hundreds of times – and acting to apply it.

Step 4: Serve

Serve reminds us of our responsibility to work alongside fellow believers. Our churches are full of ministry and service opportunities- from serving at Feed My Starving Children to hosting a youth fellowship to teaching Christian Education classes. Every believer working together is required for a local church to function as God intended. God gifts and empowers us to serve and multiply our efforts in exponential ways.

Step 5: Go

Go moves us outside the walls of the church and into our community and world. It may mean we volunteer at Hesed House on every fifth Friday, offer a cup of cold water, or tutor a child at an after-school program. it means we develop relationships and discern when it is time to talk about spiritual matters. Going is fed by a desire to experience firsthand God’s work in the lives of others, recognizing we are one instrument he is using. Go is different from Serve; God is outside the church while serve is inside.