Your Next Steps

Taken from Acts 2:42-47, our Core Values will help guide you in understanding the steps that Trinity believes leads you to being a fully devoted follower of Jesus. We have ministries and activities to guide and encourage you along the way as you get to know Christ as your personal savior.

Step 1

Worship & Prayer

Worship & Prayer is the most vital of all the Core Values. It is the foundation by which all the other Core Values rest. Whether it is praise and worship during our Sunday morning worship or the diligent prayers of the people at Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting, Worship and Prayer is something we take very serious. It is our hope and prayer that each person would have a dynamic encounter with God each time they step into our building.

Worship Service

Sunday Morning – 10:45am – Sanctuary

During these services you can expect casual dress, contemporary music, a live band, and a gospel message in an informal style.

Prayer Meeting

Wednesday Night – 7:00pm – Santuary

Prayer Meeting is a wonderful opportunity to bring your burtdens and your cares to the Lord. We open the Sanctuary at 6:45pm for anyone who desires quiet time and wants to come simply to be still before the Lord. You can anticipate breaking up into smaller groups for prayer, singing some traditional hymns, and a devotional thought from the Pastor.

Step 2


Connect uplifts the importance of worship, prayer, and fellowship in our everyday lives. Connect means to be in relationship with God, other believers, the church, and our family. It reminds us of the priority of building positive, long-lasting relationship with people at work, in the school and community, and at home. As we connect first with God, He makes it possible for us to build meaningful relationships enable us to welcome people who are not yet part of our church who are pre-believers.


Various days, times, and locations throughout the week

LifeGroups are small groups of people who consistently meet together to learn about God. They help encourage each other to become more fully devoted followers of Christ in practical ways. This is our main step in the “Connect” Core Value. We believe the first main objective in a believers life is to connect into a group of like minded believers.

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GEMS (Godly Encouragement for Moms)

3rd Friday of every month 

Church Lobby

Born out of prayer for moms, GEMS exists to provide regular encouragement and support to moms. Through teaching and fellowship with like-minded moms, GEMS strives to offer practical help to meet these goals in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Cafe Connection

Sunday Morning – 10:15 – 10:45am Cafe in Lobby

Don’t worry about stopping at the local coffee shop, we have a freek black coffee with flavored creamer for you in our cafe.

Family Stuff

1 Sunday every month

12:00pm – Gym

Designed as an opportunity to Connect, Family Stuff is a good ol’ fashion monthly church “pot luck” that happens on the first Sunday every other month. Visiting with us on that Sunday? Stay after service and be our guest! We have plenty of food for everyone to enjoy!

Step 3


Grow means knowing and obeying God’s Word and understanding how it makes a daily difference in our lives. Gaining knowledge is vital, but we need more than information. True discipleship means discovering something fresh and inspiring in a passage we have read hundreds of times – and acting to apply it.

Christian Education

Sunday Mornings – 9:00am


Designed to be an intentional time of biblical teaching and fellowship, Christian Education offers a great opportunity to not only Grow deeper in your faith, but also Connect better with other people.  Classes meet and change curriculum every twelve weeks.

Fresh Start

Teacher: Paul Sloan
Room 211

Fresh Start uses the book of John to introduce who Jesus really is and what his purpose is in our lives. This course is tailored for people who are new to the faith, but anyone who wants to know Jesus better is welcome. Questions about the Christian faith are encouraged. Start here to begin building your relationship with Jesus!

Bible: Book of Job


Dwight Heinrich
Room: 203

The book of Job is about issues each of us confronts every day: tragedy, the character of God, and relationship with other people. Join us in this study of Job as we come to a deeper understanding of who God is, how he works in the world, and how we can faithfully follow him even in challenging circumstances.

Theology: Understanding and Engaging Islam

Teacher: Dan Coughlan
Fireside Room

Understanding people’s perspective is critical in engaging a meaningful dialogue about virtually anything – especially ‘religious’ topics. With the growth of Islam in our world, this class is designed to enable you to have a productive discussion about Jesus and the Christian faith with your Muslim friends, neighbors, work associates, or other acquaintances.

Praxis: Share Your Joy

Teacher: Mellissa Henry

Sometimes we make sharing your faith complicated and scary. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This course on the basics of evangelism will equip you to share your faith with others simply, boldly, and –most of all– joyfully.

Step 4


Serve reminds us of our responsibility to work alongside fellow believers. Our churches are full of ministry and service opportunities- from serving at Feed My Starving Children to hosting a youth fellwoship to teaching Christian Education classes. Every believer working together is required for a local church to function as God intended. God gifts and empowers us to serve and multiply our effforts in exponential ways.

Step 5


Go moves us outside the walls of the church and into our community and world. It may mean we volunteer at Hesed House on every fifth Friday, offer a cup of cold water, or tutor a child at an after-school program. it means we develop relationships and discern when it is time to talk about spiritual matters. Going is fed by a desire to experience firsthand God’s work in the lives of others, recognizing we are one instrument he is using. Go is different from Serve; God is outside the church while serve is inside.